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Fan Navigator

Unify your fan data to optimize revenue

Get a holistic view of your fanbase—in aggregate and down to the individual—then convert every fan into a superfan with data-driven recommendations from Mandolin.

Fan navigator

Your fan data, all in one place

Own and understand your data to activate each fan on their road to superfandom.


Connect your data sources

Seamlessly integrate or upload your online and offline fan data for a truly unified view of your fan universe.


Get to know your fans

Find out who’s engaging with your content—and what they care about—with never-before-seen fan insights.


Know exactly what to do next

Get actionable recommendations to optimize revenue with Mandolin’s Playbooks—derived from your fan data, Chartmetric and other enrichment sources.

Building fandom across genres

Mandolin Fan Navigator - Unify Your Data
all-in-one-data solution

Unify your data

Mandolin makes it easy to bring all your data into one place—via integration or CSV import. Combine fan data from email, social channels, DSPs, merch, ticketing, and so much more.

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know your fans

Gather fan insights

Get to know your fanbase down to the individual.

With unified fan profiles, you’ll know who’s coming to your shows, buying merch, and engaging across all channels—then tailor promotions to what they care about with third party data-enrichment.

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Mandolin Fan Navigator - Gather Fan Insights
Mandolin Fan Navigator - Create Fan Engagement

Create Fan Engagement

Never miss a chance to delight your fans again.

Fan Navigator Insights serves up a continuous feed of relevant and timely engagement and revenue opportunities found within your data, so you never miss out on a chance to connect with fans again.

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exceed your goals

Optimize revenue

Data’s great. But ya know what’s even better? Not worrying about what to do with it.

Mandolin consumes all your fan data and provides actionable recommendations and dynamic playbooks to achieve your revenue goals and build your fandom.

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Mandolin Fan Navigator - Optimize revenue
Mandolin Fan Navigator - Gather Fan Insights
Data unification, simplified


Our list of one-click integrations is ever growing. Seamlessly combine data from Shopify, Mailchimp, Square, Stripe, HubSpot, Klaviyo, Musictoday, Hello Merch, Ambient Inks, and many more to get a complete picture of your fans' engagement today.

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Whether you’re an up-and-coming artist or a global icon, Fan Navigator makes it easy to increase revenue and turn every fan into a superfan.

Get in touch to receive a personalized walk-through of the platform and see your fanbase clearly with Mandolin.

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