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Say goodbye to capped rooms

Transform your live events into global hybrid experiences, driving more revenue with ease.

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Immersive hybrid experiences, made easy

Leverage the best-in-class virtual concert solution to engage fans digitally through: 

  • Virtual Meet & Greets
  • Interactive multi-cam and 360 degree livestream views
  • In-person digital reactions
  • Private watch parties
  • Video on-demand
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Stable growth in a hybrid world

Build a reliable new revenue channel on Mandolin. Take your shows online to make money from livestreams, VIP experiences, merch and more.

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Increase revenue without lifting a finger

Let our Artist Team of former agents, promoters and managers turn your offline concerts into globally shared experiences for you.

Join our venue network to increase revenue of shows already on your calendar without any of the risk or responsibility.

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Artist Dashboard
Artist Pre-Show Dashboard

Make better business decisions

Converting your in-person events into globally shared hybrid experiences unlocks new data to understand fan preferences.

Mandolin Studio makes it easy to get to know your ticket buyers and keep them coming back for more.

Customer Story

City Winery: 120+ Livestreams to Date

See how City Winery found stability and growth by taking their venue online with Mandolin.

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Your end-to-end fan engagement solution

From organizer-friendly pricing to increasing perks per show, Mandolin has it all.

Concerts that don't crash

Our infrastructure is proven to withstand global festivals and fans in the millions.

Sweeten sponsorships

Help your sponsors speak to your audience in surround sound with custom brand opportunities.

Your marketing, amplified

Optimize ticket sales with our robust affiliate network, strategic marketing partners, and fully exportable data.

Custom branding

Customize the look and feel of your events with adjustable colors and themes.

Complimentary consulting

Get production help, creative consulting and live technical support from our team of experts.

Chat moderation

Maintain positive vibes with automatic filtering & the Mandolin chat team.
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