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We create events that engage fans & consumers through our digital platform. Whether its a custom project or amplification of an existing event or campaign, we've got you covered.

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What We Do

We create events that engage fans & consumers through our digital platform. Whether it's a custom project or amplification of an existing event or campaign, we've got you covered.

Why We Do It

We surveyed thousands of music fans - digital events are here to stay.


Will definitely return to in-person concerts


Of those who have used Mandolin prefer it over the competition


Will also continue to watch livestreams


Will pay for additional digital perks
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Here's Why You Should Do It

Nearly 30% of US consumers plan to cut the cord in 2021.

- Future of TV Survey
Nearly all Americans aged 25-34 access TV content through the internet.

- PEW Research Center
90% of young people prefer this method.

- PEW Research Center
Pay-TV lost over 5 million subscribers in 2020.

- Leichtman Research Group

How We Do It

Mandolin can be as hands on or turnkey as you like. Repurpose existing marketing materials for a straight forward, low lift presence or dig in and create a deep relationship with the artist & audience. Whatever your goals, we'll help get you there.

Artist Pre-Show Dashboard


Mandolin integrates brands in-app & via web to bring your brand to fans throughout their show experience. From first announcement to ticket purchase to event follow up, your brand can be front & center.

  • Branded Watch Parties & Private Rooms
  • Co-Branding
  • Strategic Partnership Fulfillments


How do we ensure high-quality audio and video worth bragging about? Our in-house production will equip you with the tools and knowledge needed to execute a flawless event. They're also on deck to make sure your consumers are exposed to your brand at just the right time.

    Artist Dashboard
    Artist Pre-Show Dashboard


    Our native ticketing platform dynamically bundles and prices tickets, merchandise and additional digital experiences.

    Can’t part ways with your ticketing platform? Our API allows you to seamlessly integrate your ticketing platform into our systems.

    • Direct Sales Integration
    • Product Integration
    • Merchandise Sales

    Marketing Services

    Our team of marketing experts know livestream fans intimately and where they are - helping to drive sales for digital events and experiences through:

    • Lifecycle Marketing
    • Social Fan Engagement
    • Social Listing
    • Affiliate Network
    • Cause Marketing
    • Press Relations Support
    Artist Pre-Show Dashboard


    What are you trying to learn about your fans & consumers? We'll work with you from the beginning to create a campaign that gathers the information you're looking for, allowing you to effectively communicate & market to attendees.

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      Here's How to Join the Band

      There are tons of ways to engage your fans and consumers with Mandolin. We've got a kickass services team who can help you craft unforgettable brand experiences, generating maximum ROI through data-driven fan insights—data we'll provide to you directly, to boot.

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      Whether it's live or pre-taped, easily stream your event on Mandolin. We'll hold your hand through the process.

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      We’ll get them in front of highly engaged fans - worldwide.

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      No worries; let's flip through the Mandolin rolodex.

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