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Live from London

How Richard Thompson Tripled Ticket Sales Without Leaving Town
Live from London

Livestreaming’s for Innovators 

Richard Thompson is no stranger to musical alchemy. As one of the founding members of the group Fairport Convention, Thompson has made a seismic impact on the UK music scene through his unique blend of traditional folk and rock music, sparking renewed interest in authentic British folk for new audiences. Backed by the forward-thinking and innovative Vector Management, Thompson sought a pandemic-friendly, revenue-generating show format that would enable him to connect directly with diehard fans and bring his unique sound to a wider audience while maintaining total creative control.

Enter Mandolin, Stage Left 

In partnership with Mandolin, Richard Thompson and Vector Management created a once-in-a-lifetime show experience for old and new fans alike by producing three interconnected live streaming experiences that highlighted the unique arcs of Thompson’s illustrious career: 

Show 1 - Bloody Noses EP + Classic Hits

In the first show in the series, Thompson sang and narrated his most recent EP in an intimate session with fans. 

Show 2 - Fairport Convention Theme

To honor his Fairport Convention fanbase, Thompson shared treasured memories of the band’s early years, turning the evening into one full of beloved memories and songs of old.

Show 3 - Total Requests

For his third experience, Thompson put his fans in charge of the setlist. Called “Total Requests”, the third show included exclusively songs requested on social media and through the fan chat in the Mandolin platform.

The Ballad of Easy Rider 

By leveraging the loyalty of his fanbase and Mandolin’s marketing and live streaming services, Richard Thompson and Vector surpassed expectations. Thanks to the innovative, interconnected format, over half of the series’ revenue came from buyers of  all three shows, allowing Thompson to triple his average ticket sales per show, pre-pandemic.

To compliment Thompson and Vector’s artistic vision, Mandolin’s marketing team implemented a surround-sound marketing campaign that efficiently generated fan awareness and engagement while also increasing ticket sales, yielding a 32x return on ad spend.

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32x return on ad spend
55% of revenue came from multiple show bundles