Why live streaming is critical to your fan engagement strategy

Post by 
Jordan Ehrlich

Having hosted nearly 300 live streams since June, we’ve worked hand-in-hand with the industry to navigate an increasingly digital world. In that time, artists and venues have not only prospered through album release livestreams and full concert series on the platform, cementing  livestreaming as  a critical component of a successful digital strategy, post-pandemic.

Here’s how adopting livestreaming enables safer show formats, optimizes artist decisions with actionable fan data, and activates global audiences with uncapped revenue potential.

Livestreaming makes concerts safer for everyone

As restrictions on venue capacity loosen in the wake of vaccine distribution, there are still many fans that will want the option to view concerts from the safety of their home. Offering the ability to view at home keeps your most loyal fans healthy and demonstrates your commitment to helping keep fans safe. Additionally, offering a livestreaming component to your live shows also makes sure no fans are alienated, allowing you to connect with fans who are unable to enjoy the live show experience due to limited mobility.

Livestreaming helps you connect more deeply with fans 

With fans seeing an average of 4-10k ads per day, personalization and context is key to breaking through the noise and forming true connections with your fans. To inform those moments of authentic conversation, you’re going to need a robust dataset in order to create unforgettable moments of fan delight.

Every click, purchase, email open or social media engagement fleshes out a fan’s profile, unlocking a unique opportunity to engage with that fan. One needs only to look to leading brands like Spotify and Amazon to understand the power of data in personalized interactions that scale: Spotify uses past streams to generate personalized playlists that are truly unique to each listener, while Amazon utilizes purchase history to build precise, personalized product suggestions.

Livestreaming data is yet another dimension that offers your team the ability to better understand and engage with your digital audience. With platforms like Mandolin, you’ll have the ability to tie livestream ticket sales to live show ticket buyers audience behavior, painting a fuller picture of the fans who relied on your artist to get through quarantine and opening up bespoke opportunities to thank them for their fandom well beyond the pandemic. You can also use livestreaming attendance data to better plan album releases, optimize tour dates and locations and launch the right marketing campaigns with the right tactics for any upcoming promotion.

Livestreaming engages new audiences without limits or borders

With livestreaming, you can invite your global fandom along for the ride. With the addition of livestreaming to your in-person shows, intimate cafes can bring in thousands and your favorite studio can host an arena. In fact, for the release of her sophomore album, The Otherside, country music star Cam increased ticket sales eightfold over venue capacity by livestreaming a performance of the entire record front to back on Mandolin. 

When moe. took the stage for their hybrid livestream at the Yarmouth Drive-In, they brought in over half the venue’s typical ticket sales through livestream alone and engaged fans across North America, Europe and Australia. In doing so, the band not only provided a safe way to experience the concert, but managed to sell an additional $17K in livestream tickets in just two days. With such early success on Mandolin, the band now considers livestreaming a standard part of their touring package, adding four more live stream shows to the Mandolin platform before the end of the year.

Ready to add livestreaming to your fan engagement strategy?

While no one can say for certain what the world will look like months (or years) after the pandemic, the benefits of livestreaming now and into the future are clear. If you’re ready to put on your next show, or have any questions about the right way to go live, give us a shout. Our team is happy to discuss best practices and help make your show a success.