What is Mandolin Live+? Here’s Your Product Rundown

Post by 
Grace Yoon

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Introducing Mandolin Live+

The pandemic has taught us that we can change the way we interact with one another overnight; strengthening relationships digitally without being physically close. As we gather again to experience the magic of live together, we see a world where live events are amplified digitally; giving fans, artists, venues and festivals MORE. More access, more content and more monetization opportunities. Mandolin Live+ helps artists, venues and festivals easily add digital complements to any live event; unveiling untapped revenue streams and increasing fan engagement.

Live+ is a mobile first solution that transforms every live fan into a digital fan and ensures any fan through any device, whether in a venue or at home, can connect with their favorite artists. Reach is truly limitless.

Live+ features

Enhanced Livestream:

At the cornerstone of Live+ is enhanced livestreaming. A digital experience that elevates the live show for both in person and online fans through VIP events, exclusive NFTs and merch, and a single branded experience that encompasses in venue, in app and at home. The Mandolin mobile app brings the show to life through a second screen experience, so all fans can access exclusive content, purchase merch, and participate in VIP events; increasing fandom with every click.

Digital Festivals

Festivals are intrinsic to the music industry, but have different requirements than single shows. For our festival partners we offer tailored tools and support to address their unique needs. The Mandolin Festival platform showcases a single view of all your stages and allows fans to hop from stage to stage as if they were in person at your festival. When you pair your festival with our mobile app, you can amplify the fan experience where live fans can access exclusive content and experiences while those at home can have the full festival experience without the lines.

Digital VIP Meet & Greets

Why go digital with your meet and greet? The format and structure can be anything you dream up. Meet and greet from your tour bus. Host a super fan trivia night. Perform a few songs from your next album. With a simple tap of a button, we’ve made it simple for fans and artists to join the event through our app or via the web. Artists now have the ability to widen their audience (and revenue potential), stay safe and join easily with a one-touch link from anywhere in the world. 

Video on Demand

Gone are the days where fans are stuck behind their phones trying to record their favorite song, missing the magic of being absolutely present in the moment. Video on Demand allows fans to relive their favorite moments, or experience them for the first time, long after the show is over - opening additional revenue and content opportunities for artists. 

Fan Insights & Analytics

Mandolin provides unprecedented access to fan insights and analytics only possible with digital. Marry the real time hourly ticketing data with your marketing calendar to identify tactics driving ticket sales. Understand fan purchasing behavior, so you can engage them in ways that increase fandom and deepen connections. Access affiliate data to develop targeted affiliate marketing strategies for your most productive affiliates. Your relationships become real with our fan insights and analytics. 

How do we know this is the future of live music? Fans told us so. Our survey of 4,000 live music fans revealed that 94% will return to 91% will continue to watch livestreams.  

Our team of digital experts will support you every step of the way

From livestream production to digital marketing and licensing support, Mandolin is made up of digital experts in every aspect of livestream planning and execution. Our white glove service means that you can consider us an extension of your team - we can take on as much or as little of the livestream planning and execution process.

Ready to learn more about how Live+ can amplify your next live event or tour? Reach out via the form below. A member of our Industry Relations team will be more than happy to share best practices and build an experience that works for you.