Jun 15, 2021

Use Fan Insights and Analytics to Fuel Tour and Engagement Strategies

Post by 
Grace Yoon

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As we sat under what seemed like house arrest for over a year, the way we engaged with brands changed - everything was online. Which meant companies collected an incredible amount of buying behavior data. We, as consumers, know this and have come to expect tailored experiences, and content and offers relevant to us, based on what brands know about our likes and dislikes. While eCommerce brands have been doing this for years, fans’ digital engagement with artists during the pandemic has now opened the doors wide for artists and venues to give these experiences to their fans too. How can you do this? Meet Mandolin’s Fan Insights and Analytics.   

Insights that matter all in one place… across all your shows

fan insight & analytics
Fan Insights & Analytics

Mandolin’s mission is to bring artists and fans closer together. One of the ways we’re doing this is by empowering you with data. Our data and insights dashboard helps you understand purchase and engagement behavior to improve future merch, ticketing and hybrid show promotional strategies; reward loyal fans with tailored experiences—online, at the door or in the venue and access marketing performance data to identify your most productive partners. And while fans will love the personal attention that comes from you really knowing them, all of these offers and content opportunities also offer up additional revenue streams for you.

Design phenomenal fan experiences and make more money with Mandolin 

Now that you have all this amazing data at your fingertips you might be wondering what do I do now? Below are some thought starters that don’t require an army of data whiz’s....

Adjust marketing strategies on the fly.

The ticket sales on your dashboard are in hourly increments and real-time. Couple this data with your marketing plan to see which tactics were effective and which were not, so you can immediately adjust your marketing approach and maximize ticket sales.  

fan insights & analytics
Fan Ticket Purchase Trends

Push relevant content and offers.

Access a list of fans, including emails, purchase history and location, to use in pushing future livestreams and moving fans to live shows when they return. In venue, use the Mandolin mobile app to push content and offers that you know will resonate.  

Reward your loyal fans; make them super fans.

Utilize fan purchase data to develop a purchase history by fan and reward them for their loyalty (e.g. special discounts, promotions, exclusive merch, etc.) and deepen engagement to turn them into super fans. 

Define fan profiles. Improve your sponsorship deals.

Combine insights across shows to build a comprehensive picture of your superfan and livestream fan. Leverage these profiles during sponsorship discussions to provide better reach and persona information, and, in turn, identify partners that resonate with your fans. 

Trigger reminders to ensure fans don’t miss a minute of the show.

We track claimed and unclaimed tickets, so you can message the procrastinators. We want to make sure you’re playing to a packed (livestream) house.

Get closer to fans today

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