Mar 9, 2023

Unmask Anonymous Fans With the Newest Additions to Your Fan Page Arsenal

Post by 
Michelle Yoon

Fans flock to your social channels to stay up to date, but social channels want to keep users on their platforms, so you’re often limited to one link in bio. There are link hubs that you can place in your bio, but fans continue to stay anonymous as they engage your content. 

Mandolin Fan Pages is the last fan engagement hub you’ll need to build. 50% link in bio on steroids, 50% dynamic fan gathering place, and 100% driven by your creative expression. Anonymous fans are unmasked into known individuals with each click, view, and engagement.

Fan Page Contact Capture

Fan Pages Contact Capture

We want to marry the power of fan data with your growth as an artist. The Fan Page Contact Capture Block allows artists to capture basic contact information about their fans directly on your Fan Page. A Fan Capture Block can be used for fan club sign-ups, email list capture, or simple contests. 

Captured Fans will be displayed in real-time in your Fan Page Builder or within Fan Navigator. (Want to give Fan Navigator a spin? Try it for a free 30-day trial here.) Once captured, these fans can be pulled within Audience Builder for your targeted marketing campaigns. For instance, you want to send a promo to fans who entered a contest on your Fan Page but did not win? Using the Fan Captured filter, you can identify these fans within Audience Builder. 

QR Codes

Fan Pages QR Code

Experiencing a resurgence as a way to engage fans and deliver services, QR Codes are computer-readable barcodes commonly used to encode links to websites. And in this digital age, they have become a common fixture in restaurants and bars to access digital menus, football teams using QR codes instead of numbers on their jerseys, and used at shows to allow fans to access unique content easily. In fact, according to Business Insider, by 2025, QR scans will increase from 83.4M in 2022 to 99.5M in the US alone.  

For artists, QR codes can seamlessly bridge their connection with fans at physical events such as concerts with the digital world. Artists can easily create a unique Fan Page QR Code to promote their Fan Page and digital content.

Ready to take your boring link in bio to the next level?

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