Jun 16, 2021

Unlocking Incredible Brand Moments with Hybrid Events

Post by 
Meghann York

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Live entertainment partnerships have always been a marketer's dream...your brand next to the excitement, fun and memories that only “live” can bring. 

These sponsorships have always come in different shapes and sizes, but when the pandemic hit and the ability to partner with live event producers was nearly erased, marketers turned to all-digital ways of engaging consumers with their brands.

Well, guess what - live is back. But digital isn’t going anywhere. Fans want BOTH and this BOTH scenario (aka hybrid events) puts even more possibilities into a marketers tool kit for reaching and engaging fans. 

This is why Mandolin has built Live+. 

Brands, Meet Mandolin Live+

Mandolin Live+ is a platform built to digitally engage fans whether they’re in a venue or 1,000 miles away and whether an artist is on and off tour. Live+ is broadcasting an in-person show globally, digitally connecting fans with VIP experiences and Meet and Greets, standing up mobile merch tables, celebrating an album release with a special livestream event or giving fans the ability to engage with the artists and other fans during the show and so. much. more. 

You know what Live+ also is? Another INCREDIBLE opportunity for marketers to engage digitally with fans. Imagine…

A fully-branded livestream experience with the ability for fans to buy your product embedded in the show.
Sponsored “behind the scenes” footage
of the band before they go on stage
A series of intimate, VIP streamed shows
, sponsored by you made available only to your most loyal consumers
Unique experiential activations
at live shows where your brand gives fans the chance to enter a VR live music world
Sponsored NFTs
where proceeds are dedicated to the charity your consumers are passionate about
Special merch items
, sponsored by your brand, made available in the Mandolin mobile app to sell to the fans at the venue or the fans watching across the globe.
A live poll during the show
, voting on the encore, made possible by your brand

The possibilities are endless. And our Mandolin sponsorship team can help you unlock the keys to creative and truly differentiated digital live music moments.

Fan Data: A New Tool for Your Sponsorship Quiver

You know what also comes with digital that marketers can’t live without. Data. Digital interactions gives artists, venues...and marketers the chance to truly understand how fans engage with their sponsored programming or experiences. This data is then made easily available through the Mandolin platform to influence future marketing efforts and personalized experiences for every fan.

Mandolin Makes Digital Sponsorships Easy

With hybrid, the possibilities are endless. But that doesn’t mean it has to be hard. Mandolin has a dedicated team to help your brand navigate the new world of hybrid concerts. With Mandolin, you gain access to a network of procurement partners—think goPuff or Drizly—that can deliver consumer goods straight to viewers' homes. Not only this, Mandolin’s Artist Team works around the clock to match artists with the right brands, handle artist booking, settlements, licensing and more.

So breathe easy and get creative! We’ve got your back. 

Let’s build a killer brand experience for your next sponsored event, together.

Ready to get started?

If you’re ready to amplify your marketing strategy with hybrid fan experiences, hit us up via the form below to reimagine your next sponsorship with Live+. A member of our Industry Relations team will be more than happy to share best practices and build a solution that works for you.