Nov 1, 2020

The First One to the Party: The Hype Around Our New Features

Post by 
Jordan Ehrlich

The first feature of Mandolin Parties offers fans the ability to create their own private space within the livestream experience. Leading up to and during the show, attendees can invite friends to their “private room” and chat in real-time, creating a more intimate and connected experience with their personally selected crew.

So why are Mandolin Parties, and this new chat feature, such an important step for the livestream community? Here’s all you need to know.

Your Fans Are Amplifying Your Stream

Fans who want to create their private chat and watching space can do it easily. All they have to do is copy and paste the share link to invite their friends. Anyone with the link, whether they’ve purchased a ticket to the show or not,  can join the party. To watch the stream, invited friends will be prompted to purchase a ticket.

This Creates Ticket Sales for You

Creating these “watch parties” are the first step in creating fan-driven virality around your livestream. And just like with any in-person concert, there’s always a certain percentage of walk-up sales or fans who decide at the last minute to catch the show when they hear about their buddies’ plans.

We’ve observed the same phenomenon to occur with livestreams, where similar percentages of tickets are sold in the final 24 hours before artists go live as in-person.

The ability to create a private party and encourage friends to join takes advantage of this already natural action and contributes to the urgency and “it’s almost show time” hype of last minute sales.

We’re Seeing People Get Creative

Not only is artist and fan connection better with Parties, we’re also working with some forward-thinking companies and nonprofits who are using the feature to bring people together. One company invited employees to livestreamed concerts together to promote employee engagement. One nonprofit treated these private rooms as “tables” and allowed livestream attendees to purchase “tables” to raise money with their close friends and families. The possibilities are endless. 

Join the Party

Mandolin Parties are the first step to revolutionizing the way fans experience livestreams. Don’t make fans simply watch your next concert, invite them to join the party. To set up your first concert or livestream event with Mandolin, Book a Meeting with our team today.