Jan 27, 2023

Spring Tour Planning Made Simple

Post by 
Michelle Yoon

We know there’s no exact science when it comes to selling out every single stop of your spring tour, but with a little elbow grease and data analysis, we believe you can get closer than ever before. With the launch of our Spring Tour Playbook, we’re excited to share how the unification, enrichment and segmentation of your fan data can help you hyper-personalize your marketing efforts, ensuring that the right messages, offers and merch promotions are going to the right fans—at the right time and on the right channels. 

Looking to target fans within a 90-mile radius of your tour stop? We have a step-by-step guide on building your audience in Fan Navigator’s Audience Builder. Want to give exclusive access to presale opportunities for loyal fans? Our Presale Plan provides you with details to get started!

Armed with the proven marketing and outreach tactics that help pull fans deeper down the path to super fandom–on and offline, this playbook will guide you with best practices and suggested marketing tactics to ensure you see the results you want.

What’s In The Playbook and Why Do I Need to Download It?

In this playbook, we break down how to approach tour planning and marketing, defining each promotional phase and the key activities, plan of attack and audiences needed to maximize ticket sales and fan engagement.

The Event Lifecycle

While the playbook does refer to tactics using Fan Navigator—an intuitive, all-in-one solution that unifies and enriches fan data so artists can truly own, understand and activate their fans—you don’t have to be a client to run the suggested plays with your own CRM, link-in-bio solution and social media marketing platforms. That said, if you’d like to receive dedicated support in running the Spring Tour Playbook, you can sign up for a risk-free 30-day trial here

Ready to Power Up Your Marketing?

Get ready to delight fans with hyper-personalized marketing tactics and download the Spring Tour Playbook for free by filling out the form below.