Jun 15, 2021

Relive the Show Like Never Before with Rewind (Our Very Own Video On-Demand Solution)

Post by 
Grace Yoon

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In a blink of an eye, the live show you and your team prepped and planned for is over. Not just for you, but also for your fans who likely spent the majority of the performance behind their phones trying to capture their favorite songs. So, it’s no wonder that the number one request from fans is finding ways to see the show again. With Mandolin Video on Demand, you can offer your fans a high quality replay while capturing additional fan insights and revenue.  

Drive additional revenue and continue to engage your fans long after the curtain closes  

When we surveyed 4,000 live music fans, we found that 82% of respondents would pay extra for perks (this is in addition to the ticket price). And the perk they’d purchase the most? Digital recordings. 

Rewind (video on demand) can be purchased during the show and viewed within minutes after the last beat drops. We can push on sale alerts through our mobile app to in person and livestream fans; giving you the ability to capitalize on the show’s momentum and drive more revenue while extending the magic for all your fans.  

Provide a seamless fan experience by driving purchase through your site or ours

Rewinds can be purchased directly from your site through a plugin that embeds easily into your website. Want to make a library of Rewinds available for purchase? The robust integration is able to handle complex transactions like multiple Rewinds, merch, tips and donations all in the same checkout. The process is quick and frictionless for your fans, so there will never be a cart left behind. 

Or use your Mandolin Watch Page to sell Rewinds. Improved discoverability was top of mind when building our new website, so current and future fans have a way to discover and experience you and your music – just the way you want. Did you know 85% of live music fans would watch a livestream concert of an artist they are unfamiliar with?  

Once purchased, fans can instantly view all their Rewinds through My Tickets on our website or mobile app without the hassle of accessing multiple services and sites to view your content. Also, with every replay, you can drive even more revenue by selling tickets to your next livestream and promoting exclusive merch. We call this dream money - you’re making money in your sleep.  

Develop a deeper understanding of your fans

Do you know how your fans interact with your content outside of your performances? The way your fans engage with their purchased Rewinds can provide incredible insight into fan behavior. Use these insights to develop a strategy to drive deeper fan engagement and identify content that you can use to maintain a healthy buzz even when you’re off tour.  

Licensing livestream content can be confusing… Mandolin can help

And what about licensing livestream content? If this is uncharted territory for you, Mandolin has a team of experts on staff to help you navigate the murky waters or act on your behalf. 

Get Started with Rewind!

Ready to learn more about how Mandolin’s video on demand can drive additional sources of revenue from your live shows and increase fan engagement? Get in touch with the form below. A member of our Industry Relations team will be more than happy to share best practices and build an experience that works for you.