Jan 8, 2023

Never Miss a Chance to Delight Your Fans Again

Post by 
Evelyn Thompson

If you’re here, you’ve hopefully already solved this problem with Fan Navigator, our intuitive, all-in-one solution that unifies and enriches your fan data so you can truly know your fans. (If not, sign up for a 30-day free trial here). 

Available with our Winter ‘23 release, Fan Navigator Insights makes it easier than ever to become the data rockstar your team has always needed. Like a data-savvy teammate, Insights uses machine-learning to automatically detect trends and changes in your data, so you never miss out on a chance to delight your fans.

Here’s How It Works

Spend Less Time Analyzing Data 

With automated, data-driven recommendations on your next strategic move, Insights maximizes your time, delights your fans and makes you money more quickly than ever.

More Personalized Fandom Nurture at Scale

Insights identifies targeted fan audiences based on where they’re at in their fandom journey, serving timely recommendations on pulling large swaths of fans deeper down the path to superfandom.

Future-proof your marketing power

Third-party data and cookie-based marketing is becoming less reliable every day. In concert with the full Fan Navigator suite, Insights helps teams future-proof their marketing efforts by executing meaningful first-party data collection, storage and campaigns—keeping fans in the fold no matter what platforms they engage on.

Ready to get started?

For help taking any of these new features for a spin, get in touch with us here. To try Fan Navigator out before a full commitment, sign up for a trial, free for 30 days.