Apr 13, 2021

Introducing Mandolin NFTs: Blockchain-Backed Digital Collectibles Available on Mandolin

Post by 
Braden Baldwin

While NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are nothing new, they’re paving an increasingly popular road to artist profitability. NFTs give fans an opportunity to support their favorite artists by purchasing limited-edition memorabilia—minted, secured, and verified using blockchain technology.

But let’s not complicate the subject, NFTs are just exclusive, digital collectibles. And they help artists make money. So we wanted to make it as easy as possible for artists, creators and fans to get in on the action. 

That’s why we’re stoked to announce our product capability—minting and selling NFTs right from the Mandolin Desktop App. Meaning, fans can now purchase these digital collectibles with US currency, and store them in their Mandolin wallet (which we like to call “My Keeps”), or easily transfer them to the crypto wallet of their choosing.

How does Mandolin make your NFTs so easy to sell?

Mandolin has created an end-to-end, blockchain-enabled NFT marketplace for artists and fans. The process begins with our team of designers and NFT professionals that guide artists through the ideation and creation process. 

Once created, monetizing your NFT is as easy as selling a t-shirt online (without the headaches of merch fulfillment!). As a creator, you’re able to control the price and supply of the keepsake to capture the full market value of your art.

"My Keeps" gives fans a zero-friction crypto wallet

We’ve even eliminated the barrier-to-entry for fans by allowing them to purchase NFTs straight from your livestream or artist page—using US currency (or fiat)—without having to set up a crypto wallet! Once purchased, they can keep the NFT within Mandolin's "My Keeps" or transfer the collectible at any time to an external wallet of their choice. It’s that easy!

Already have an NFT created? You can sell that on Mandolin too!

Just like selling merch from the watch page, Mandolin integrates with any existing NFT sale. NFTs join the rest of your digital collectibles, such as Video On-Demand, available for streamlined sale on Mandolin—so that anything you create is uber-simple to monetize.

How can NFTs increase profitability for artists?

NFTs represent a huge opportunity for artists to do what they do best—creating moments that make us feel something—while recouping the revenue they’ve earned in the process.

On the topic, music artist Justin Blau (known as 3LAU) shares, “It’s a way to monetize your fan base in a way that’s never been possible.” Blau earned $17 million earlier this year from NFTs, helped in part by a tokenized release of his three-year-old album “Ultraviolet,” which grossed $11.6 million and briefly held the record for the highest price paid for a single NFT, $3.6 million.

Why do fans love Mandolin NFTs? 

Beyond the simplicity of the process, fans buy your NFTs on Mandolin for the same reason they collect autographed guitars, limited edition albums and pay top dollar for intimate private events. Fans crave connections with the artists and the music they love—and NFTs just give them another way to remember it all. 

Ready to get started with NFTs on Mandolin?

Get in touch with the form below to learn more to start brainstorming your artists’ next digital collectible. We’re here to share best practices and walk you through the ins and outs of this limitless approach to artist monetization.