Jul 11, 2022

Building a Robust Fan Community With Just One Link: Mandolin Fan Pages

Post by 
Michelle Yoon

From tour photos to epic behind-the-scene stories, your fans flock to your social channels to stay up to date. But there are a few drawbacks. You want to drive people to relevant links, but social channels want to keep users on their platforms. There are link hubs that you can place in your social bio, but you only get one and fans continue to stay anonymous as they engage your content.

Thanks to Mandolin Fan Pages, those boring static link in bios are a thing of the past.  

Now you can easily create a branded epicenter for your fan engagement, replacing boring rows of link boxes with rich media embeds, tour and merch store integrations and survey and follower gates that reward your most loyal fans and de-anonymize passive fans.

50% link in bio on steroids, 50% dynamic fan gathering place, 100% driven by your creative expression

Mandolin Fan Pages is the last fan engagement hub you’ll ever need to build. (See it in action here).

Designed for the music industry, these dynamic sites are entirely customizable. One of the challenges you encounter with other link hubs is the limited customization. With Fan Pages, you don’t have to sacrifice your branding. Artists who have already created their fan pages have used them to deliver branded content to fans to share new releases, drop new merch, and deliver exclusive experiences to their most loyal fans. 

This isn’t just a static link in bio that simply lists links to outside content (yawn, boring!). It’s a way for you to deepen your connections with fans. Here are just a few of the features:

1. User-friendly interface that allows you to quickly build and update Fan Pages without the need of an engineer.

2. Integrations with Seated and BandsinTown so you can easily embed your tour schedule.

3. Page engagement metrics that can be viewed all time or for a specific time period.

4. Dynamic content blocks for rich media embeds, merch, DSP link-outs and more.

5. Surveys that capture more than just fan contact info and help inform your strategy.

Unmasking the Unknown

Best of all, with each video view, link click, survey response and follow, you unmask previous anonymous social media fans into known individuals, adding them to your fan universe. 

Mandolin Fan Pages come locked and loaded with best-in-class analytics and integrations that help you understand what content resonates with fans the most. From built-in metric tracking to Facebook Pixel or Google Analytics integrations, you can amplify your marketing efforts to be more targeted and precise. For instance, the Facebook Pixel Integration allows you to easily track, segment and build lookalikes and remarket to your Fan Page visitors, while embedded click counts in each Fan Page module help you know what content is delighting the fanbase the most.

Say Goodbye to Fragmented Experiences and Data

Creating a kickass fan engagement hub is just the start. When you’re ready to make use of the rich fan insights you’ll glean from Fan Pages, head over to Mandolin Studio––your access point to all your Fan Experiences and Fan Navigator––to put those insights to work. Unify disparate sources of fan data with easy-to-use integrations and CSV uploads with Fan Page data to immediately build a holistic view of your fanbase. With the most up-to-date Fan Profiles, you can target smarter with personalized marketing strategies. By activating each fan segment with these tailored approaches, you expand your revenue opportunities so you’re not leaving money on the table. 

The result: You better understand the full breadth of your fanbase and their dedication as anonymous fans become known, allowing you to create those digital experiences that keep fans coming back for more. 

Ready to help your fans discover everything you’re doing with one simple link? Reach out today to unlock the power of Mandolin Fan Pages.