Jul 11, 2022

The Four Steps of Building Personalized Paths to Superfandom

Post by 
Michelle Yoon

Artists know that establishing an authentic brand that connects with fans builds loyalty. Loyal fans are the ones you recognize at shows, who presave your music, purchase your merch, and engage with you on social media regularly. And, that loyalty drives revenue–in fact, 50-80% of your revenue will be made from your most loyal fans. 

We all know growing fan loyalty has traditionally been tough… until now. With the launch of Mandolin’s Fan Navigator, you now have a secret weapon that helps you own, understand and activate fans—all made possible by the insights found in your fan data! Making sense of your data can be an overwhelming task, especially when spread across multiple platforms and with no underlying recommendation engine to help you understand what to do with it all. That is why we created a way for you to harness your universe of fan data in one simplified, intuitive platform within Mandolin Studio––your one-stop-shop to understand and engage your entire fan universe. From brand affinities to other key insights, unlock the power of your data for a deeper understanding of fans with just a few simple clicks in Fan Navigator! 

Why Does Fan Data Even Matter?

Because fan data is your holy grail to deeper fan relationships! 

To understand how data powers tailored experiences, one needs to only look to leading brands like Spotify and Amazon. Spotify uses past streams to generate personalized playlists, while Amazon leans into past-purchase data to build precise, personalized product recommendations. This use of data and segmentation to serve unique, “always-on’’ experiences has created a new paradigm for fans. 76 percent of fans expect the brands they love to understand their wants and needs and then deliver experiences that meet their expectations. Fans have grown to expect the ability to purchase tickets or merch anytime, anywhere, with their fan experiences being tailored for them. 

Your fan data is a way for your team to create these tailored experiences as you better understand the full breadth of your fan base, their dedication, and most importantly, how to convince them to “lean in” more. And, we’re here to help you unlock your data to gain that valuable insight that drives conversions and funnels your fans into superfandom online and offline.

Partnering With Mandolin to Harness the Power of Your Data 

What once was a tedious task of going across multiple data platforms to dig into your data is now condensed into a simple all-in-one solution. Here are your four easy steps to build personalized paths to superfandom: 

Step 1:

From ticketing to third-party data services to your fan clubs, you have a wealth of data at your fingertips. We’ll help you gain an understanding of where all your data—online and offline—lives and unify it all in a single platform.

P.S. We want to assure you we take your fans’ privacy very seriously. Whatever data is uploaded to Mandolin’s platforms will be compliant with various regional privacy policies. 

Step 2:

It’s time to meet your fans. We’ll build rich fan profiles that include information like address, brand affinities, and more that’ll tell you a little more about the fan. Every purchase, email open, or social media engagement further helps flesh out a fan’s profile, unlocking a unique opportunity to engage and serve that fan’s needs. Based on everything we learn about your fan, our AI-layer will then predict where each fan falls on the spectrum of superfandom: passive fan, solid fan, or superfan. 

Step 3:

Your data is enriched, and your fans are segmented; time to activate your full fanbase with the proven marketing and promotional tactics to get fans moving toward Superfan nirvana. Easily embed incredible digital experiences into your in-person strategy from anywhere in the world, leveraging your newly unified and segmented database to power personalized marketing plans. Measure your success and the overall health of your fanbase with 70+ metrics available on our Analytics tab, which include data from A&R data providers like Chartmetric and Pollstar. Target specific metrics to grow using our Goals feature or choose from a wide selection of dynamic playbooks that benchmark the goals that matter most when it comes to increasing album streaming, selling tickets on tour, and more. 

Step 4:

Armed with your tailored marketing plan and fan segments, you’re ready to activate campaigns! Engage your fans on a personalized 1:1 basis with meaningful, relevant content that creates superfans and drives conversions. The campaign measurement data is then piped back into Fan Navigator so you have up-to-date insights into how your campaigns are performing and make adjustments as necessary.

Ready to take control of your fan engagement destiny?

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