Jul 11, 2022

Connect With Fans Anytime, Anywhere With the Industry’s Most Comprehensive Digital Experiences

Post by 
Michelle Yoon

Say hello to the days of liberation: where you’re free to break through the noise, connecting with fans in new, empowering ways thanks to incredible digital experiences that embed easily into your in-person strategies. With Mandolin Fan Experiences, you have the power of the industry’s most comprehensive set of fan connection tools at your fingertips! No longer restricted by traditional tactics and barriers like time and distance, your reach is now limitless to drive deeper fan engagement and garner more fan data.

It’s time to take back your destiny. Here’s how you’ll do it.

Introducing Fan Experiences

The shift to mobile has created an entirely new paradigm for your fans––every fan is now a digital fan. They have come to expect “always on” experiences. From livestreams to artist fan pages, Mandolin is your one-stop shop to not only know and understand your fans, but also engage them both on and offline, driving increased fandom, data capture, and revenue.d

Through Mandolin’s Fan Experiences, your content is now digestible in-person or from the comfort of your fan’s homes, anywhere in the world. Here’s how:

Livestreams: Give your fans the best seat in the house. 

Rewatch: Delight your fans even after they’ve left the venue with a replay available for a limited time to relive the magic of the event.

VIPs and Meet & Greets: Give your fans the VIP treatment from anywhere in the world with an intuitive, easy-to-use platform.

NFTs: NFTs demystified with an end-to-end process covering design to sale and mint. 

Fan Pages: An engaging link in bio solution that can be completely customized to share new releases, drop fresh merch, and deliver exclusive experiences to your most loyal fans. The fan's gateway to deepening artist connections. 

Most importantly, when you partner with Mandolin for your digital experiences, you reach a highly engaged audience. In fact, our average fan watches 128 minutes of livestreams with 30% watching 2 shows or more. 

Another added benefit: Fan and viewership data is constantly being piped into Fan Navigator, providing you the most up-to-date and actionable insights into your fans.

The Future of Fandom

From the start, our mission has always been to help artists connect directly and build deeper relationships with each fan. Creating tailored digital experiences that keep fans coming back for more starts with a better understanding of the full breadth of your fan base, their dedication, and most importantly, how to take them to Super Fan nirvana. By providing a comprehensive solution through Fan Experiences and the data collected to nurture personal paths to superfandom, we are building the future of fandom together. 

Fan data is no longer held hostage by conglomerates. With Mandolin Studio, you’re free to gather your disparate fan data universe in a simple solution, providing you a holistic view of your fanbase that can be enriched with even more demographic and behavioral insights through best-in-class integrations like Chartmetric, MailChimp, Shopify, Stripe, Toast, and more.  We’ll use over 70+ metrics to help you accurately predict each fan’s level of fandom, nurturing every individual to superfandom with personalized playbooks that drive your next tour, stream, album release, or social channel growth. 

Ready to take back your destiny? Please reach out when you’re ready to be empowered to meet fans where they are with immersive digital experiences that turn fans into lifelong superfans.