Sep 17, 2021

Mandolin Acquires NoonChorus—Amplifying the Meaning of Live

Post by 
Mary Kay Huse

When the music industry settled into pandemic lockdowns just over a year and a half ago, it was clear we were about to undergo a huge transformation. Live entertainment and fan engagement was flipped on its head in a matter of weeks. As artists, venues, and festivals fought to keep music “live” with paid livestreams and virtual meet & greets, the definition of live in a post-pandemic world continued to shift and evolve. But as experimentation continued, technology developed, and new business practices emerged, the industry found new revenue streams and opportunities to prosper.

Our vision for the future does not favor either virtual or physical experiences, it combines the best of both—in a form of live that we call “Mandolin Live+”. Artists and fans will continue to connect in-person or from across the globe. The industry will continue to leverage technology to build deeper connections between artists and fellow fans. And most importantly, live music will continue to inspire and unite us in ways we never imagined. 

In other words, the in-person fan experience will be amplified by virtual complements—not replaced by them. 

In order to achieve this vision, the path is two fold: accelerating fan adoption of the technology while obtaining the supply of content to feed their desires—and our acquisition of NoonChorus a huge step along the journey.

Why Acquire Now and Why NoonChorus?

As the industry attempts to regain some level of stability and predictability coming out of the pandemic, our playbook for hybrid concerts—and the platform behind it—becomes evermore valuable to artists & event creators. We must move fast to accelerate adoption so businesses who are willing to dream—willing to take risks on behalf of keeping the arts alive—are rewarded for their efforts.

Like Mandolin, NoonChorus was born out of the pandemic. They’re young and fast-moving, but knowledgeable and respectful of tradition—their team carrying years of industry experience and connections to help guide the industry toward a more prosperous future. They hold themselves, their shows, and partners to a high standard to deliver best-in-class services.

All of this has allowed their company to generate not just an impressive, highly engaged fan base, but a network of artists and partners to supply those fans with the experiences they crave.

The company is also just full of great people who we want on our team.

What does the future hold for Mandolin and the industry?

We’ve set our goals high—building a platform for clients to not just put on great shows, but to execute data-driven business strategies enabled with critical fan and business insights.

With each show, artist teams, venues, festivals and brands everywhere will access event-level data and fan insights to propel their business forward. Fans will gain unprecedented access to the artists and events they love—interacting with artists in the venue and across the globe in new and exciting ways every day.

Mandolin Live+—the digital amplification of in-person concerts—will become ubiquitous. And this acquisition is just the beginning.

Here’s to a more prosperous and exciting future for the industry.

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