Mar 8, 2022

Introducing rewatch: get closer to fans and increase in-person revenue

Post by 
Grace Yoon

As the live events industry has grown, digital fan data and in-person attendee information have found themselves in silos. But today, we’re breaking them down with Rewatch—our new product that bridges the gap between the in-person and digital fan and increases revenue for in-person events.

What is Mandolin Rewatch?

Rewatch is a digital add-on to your in-person show that allows in-person fans to access a replay of the event they just attended. It can be used by artists, venues, festivals and anyone involved with live events to understand their in-person fans and seamlessly increase show revenue.

How does Rewatch work?

Upon in-person ticket purchase, fans can either upgrade their ticket to include a concert replay or simply purchase access to the replay separately. In both cases, you control the price and how long they have access. Mandolin integrates with a variety of ticketing providers to make this purchase seamless.

Rewatch helps you know your fans

As your fans sign in to watch the replay, they’ll be asked to share their name, email and a consent to marketing communication. This step unifies in-person ticket buyers with their digital identities so you can understand your fans’ unique tastes and behavior.

This data can then be used in platforms like Mandolin Studio and Fan Navigator or other fan data platforms to identify your superfans and cater to their different preferences.

Why is capturing fan data so important?

Not only have consumers come to expect personalized content and experiences from platforms like Spotify, Netflix and Amazon, personalization saves you money and generates better results. When you have the data to identify your fans’ preferences (from what merch, livestreams or albums they like to any NFTs they’ve purchased), you share the stuff they actually care about with them. You’ll eliminate wasted marketing spend and create better fan experiences in return. Getting this 360 degree view of your fanbase can help inform tour planning, what virtual events you create, how you launch and present new merch, the list goes on!

Rewatch increases revenue for in-person concerts

Upon ticket purchase, for $5 dollars (or however much you choose), offer fans the ability to get exclusive access to relive the concert with the additional purchase of the concert replay. You can make this replay available for 48 hours or indefinitely

This cost is marginal to a fan already willing to shell out $50 to see their favorite artist. And if the venue capacity is even 3,000, that $5 or so extra charge could accumulate to a $15K lift in potential gross at the venue.

Want to Offer Rewatch for an Upcoming Event?

With Mandolin, adding new revenue streams to in-person shows is easy. If you want to learn more about Rewatch or how our products can help you capture fan data, reach out! We’ll be excited to share with you some best practices and help get Rewatch attached to your next in person event.