Nov 2, 2020

Introducing: Mandolin Parties

Post by 
Jordan Ehrlich

During times of live music scarcity, livestreams have provided unbelievable inspiration and a sense of community amongst fans and artists. At Mandolin, we’re constantly asking ourselves, “how can we make the livestream experience more memorable, more meaningful...and generally just more fun...for both fans and artists? And how can we use technology to make the connection between fans and fans and artists even stronger?

This relentless questioning drives us to push the boundaries of current livestreaming technology  and help the live music community go beyond just watching a concert.

So...let’s party.

We are excited to introduce to the world - Mandolin Parties. With Parties, livestream goes beyond a one-way “watch” experience, to a fully immersive way for fans to interact with each other and the artists they love. Mandolin Parties transforms fans’ homes into their own personal venue - and empowers them to host unforgettable concert-centric events, bring their friends to your shows, and keep coming back for more.

What makes a Mandolin Party?

Mandolin Parties include all the same things that have made in-person concerts great: a space for friends to connect, food and drinks within reach, and unique experiences they’ll never forget.

Hang with Friends...Virtually

Fans can now book a “private room” within the livestream show, inviting others to join outside the often crowded public chat. Within the experience, fans can watch alongside friends, sharing memories, thoughts on the show, or just catching up over great music.

Order Food, Beverages, and Merch

Fans will soon be able to use Mandolin Parties to plan and orchestrate an in-home party, centered around a specific show. Hosts can send invites, in addition to ordering food, beverages, and custom merch, all for in-home delivery, all from the same platform.  

Interact with the Artist During the Show

Part of the energy of the live show is the connection between artist and fan during the performance. Coming soon, with Mandolin Parties, artists will be able to view livestream video of fans, interacting with them during the show. All while fans get coveted “face time” with musicians they love.

Mandolin Parties are the first step to revolutionizing the way fans experience livestreams. Don’t make fans simply watch your next concert, invite them to join the party. To set up your first concert or livestream event with Mandolin, Book a Meeting with our team today.

Private chat features of Mandolin Parties are now available, with food & beverage and artist viewing capabilities coming in the first half of 2021.