Jun 15, 2021

How to use livestream data to amplify your concerts and deepen fan relationships

Post by 
Jordan Ehrlich

You’ve heard it before…the future of live music is hybrid. With all the innovation in technology over the past year, artists and event organizers have uncapped venues and brought new experiences to live music lovers across the globe.

But there’s additional, less obvious value you get from digitally amplifying your events. By going hybrid or fully virtual, not only can you create unforgettable fan experiences, you get the data you need to understand your audience and run a better business.

Livestream Analytics and Fan Insights

At their core, livestream analytics and fan insights help you understand how audiences engage with your shows and events on Mandolin. Through analyzing ticket sales and interactions on the platform, you can use this behavior data to improve future shows and marketing activities. 

Sounds great, right? Now let’s dive into some specific use-cases for turning data into impactful business decisions.

How to use livestream data and fan insights

Improve future ticket sales with purchase data.‍

By tying time of purchase to your marketing calendar, you can now understand which efforts influenced fans to buy tickets. Identify the tactics that generated peaks in ticket sales and double down on your successes to increase attendance at your next show.

Livestream analytics
Mandolin Studio: Analyze Sales Over Time

Sell more of what fans want.

Understand which merch packages performed best and promote it within upcoming events and streams. Did fans upgrade their tickets to VIP mid-event? Evaluate VIP purchase data to uncover what drove fans to join virtual meet & greets. 

Case Study: Click here to read how Ruston Kelly boosted VIP upsells through in-stream promotion.

Livestream analytics
Mandolin Studio: Analyze Sales Over Time

Optimize affiliate partnerships and expand your reach.

Ticket sales by affiliate are tracked and reported upon neatly in one place—letting you keep track of your highest performing partners. Here, you can also identify affiliate partners with similar audiences—increasing your reach and ticket sales with each show. 

Fan insights and livestream analytics
Mandolin Studio: Analyze Affiliate Performance

Launch targeted marketing campaigns.

Mandolin makes it easy to use virtual attendee info to grow your marketing database and improve future marketing activities. By exporting data from Mandolin, you can:

  • Invite past ticket buyers to sign up for your newsletter to stay in-the-know.
  • Reward loyal fans with special discounts, promotions, or merch to increase fan connection.
  • Launch targeted ads—connecting with them based on affinity for livestreams or previous virtual meet & greets attendance. Even let them know about upcoming shows in their city.
How to use livestream data
Mandolin Studio: Audience

Find the songs, sets and moments fans loved the most.

Review fan reactions over time to uncover top moments from your show. Use this to inform future set lists and identify clips to turn into social content or marketing assets. Or heck, if fans really loved it, make it available for purchase on-demand after the show!

Livestream data
Mandolin Studio: Audience

Strengthen brand sponsorships.

With access to all of these insights, both you and your sponsors can easily highlight the value of the partnership and the audiences you reached. By uncovering audience attributes such as genre affinity, fan location, demographic data and more, you’ll both reach fans more effectively than ever before.

livestream data
Mandolin Studio: Reporting Page

Ready to meet your fans?

Host your next hybrid, or fully virtual, event on Mandolin to get all these insights and so much more. Just get in touch with us via the form below. A member of our team will be happy to explore your needs and build a solution that works for you.

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