Sep 28, 2022

How to Improve Artist Marketing ROI with Mandolin’s New Audience Builder

Post by 
Jordan Ehrlich

Before we dive into Audience Builder and the power of the new feature, let’s get one thing straight. Regardless of how incredible your content is, how much money you throw at promotion or how big your artist is, the success or failure of any marketing campaign comes down to whether you can reach the right audience with the right offer at the right time.

Audience Builder ensures you do just that.

As a manager marketing your artist, you’ve likely dreamed of identifying the fans who are actively awaiting tour dates in specific cities—more specifically, the ones who are likely to buy merch and ancillary experiences when they come to the show—then connect with them directly. If you could do this, you’d avoid annoying fans who aren't interested in your latest promotion, ensuring that every fan has a positive experience with your brand with every new touch point.

Today, that dream becomes a reality. Fan Navigator’s new Audience Builder feature empowers you to use your fan data to create custom audiences based on whatever criteria you’d like to filter by—then use those lists to launch hyper-targeted campaigns.

So let’s talk about Audience Builder

How can you use the new feature to guarantee performance and do more with less? It all starts with understanding your fanbase holistically.

Fan Navigator breaks down your fans by Lifecycle Stage

Within the Audiences tab, you’ll first see your fans segmented into a few different default audiences based on lifecycle stage—using considerations of engagement frequency across channels, recency of activity, and monetary contributions to your artist.

Fan Navigator - Audiences

These default audiences are:

Super Fans

These fans are the cream of the crop. They frequently engage with your artist, have done so recently, and spend more money than the average fan on your artist’s offerings and experiences.

Idle Fans

These fans have engaged in the past, but their frequency and recency of engagement is low. They also haven’t made as many purchases as others.

Potential Fans

These are fans that have been paying customers in the past, but have recently become less engaged. They might be worth warming up to with content and general artist awareness to keep them engaged.

Growing Fans

These are new fans that, while they might not have made any big purchases yet, show promise of becoming Super Fans due to the high frequency and recency of their engagement.

If you’d like to learn more about these fan scores, check out our blog that goes into greater detail here.

Create custom audiences, tailored to your fan marketing strategy

While identifying fans based on recency, frequency, and monetary contributions to your artist is a huge step forward, the real magic of Fan Navigator comes with your ability to segment audiences by criteria that’s specific to your current marketing needs.

Want to target fans in Nashville who have bought a specific merch item and engaged with your artist on social media in the last 30 days? There’s an audience for that.

Want to find fans in San Francisco with an average merch spend of at least $50 and who have been to at least 3 in-person concerts in the last 5 years? You can build that audience too. 

Fan Navigator - Audience Builder

These are only a couple examples of what you could do with Audience Builder. If you’ve got the data—whether from email marketing, streaming on DSPs, on-or-offline merch sales or elsewhere—Audience Builder can help you find the right fans.

But the insights don’t stop there.

Learn more about your Custom Audiences with Audience Insights

Once you create an audience, you’ll get an overview their level of fandom—how many fans in this audience are Growing Fans, Idle Fans, Potential Fans, and Super Fans, as well as how their lifecycle stages have changed over time with your marketing efforts.

Fan Navigator - Custom Audience Insights

Armed with this level of insight about specific fan groups, there’s no telling what you can do to grow your artist’s fanbase, reward superfans, and launch innovative campaigns.

Not sure where to start?

Lucky for you, we have data-backed playbooks guiding you step-by-step through best practices and how to get started using this data to meet your goals—right inside the platform. 

Fan Navigator - Data-Backed Marketing Playbooks

Reach the right fans today

If you’d like to see your data in Fan Navigator and get a taste of the future of artist marketing, reach out or sign up for a free trial of Fan Navigator today. A member of our Artist Relations team will be happy to jump on a call and discuss your marketing strategy in greater detail.