Jun 15, 2021

How Does Hybrid Improve the In-Person Event Experience?

Post by 
Jordan Ehrlich

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As covid restrictions loosen, venue doors creak open, and fans hope to “return to normal” ASAP, we’re all about to experience live music a bit differently this time around. The proliferation and mass adoption of new technology during the pandemic created a whole new world of possibilities for returning to live. But what will this new world really look like for fans? And how will the fan experience be improved with hybrid concerts?

To answer that question, let’s look at it through the eyes of a hypothetical fan, Amanda, who is experiencing her first In-Person + Digital Show put on by her favorite artist—Ben Folds—in partnership with Mandolin.

With Ben Folds coming to town (which Amanda’s been waiting years for), she knows tonight is her one chance to connect with the band and wants to make the most of it. She buys a premium hybrid ticket with to amplify her in-person concert experience.

Hybrid concerts are built around the fan.

Because of her hybrid pack, she kicks off the night with exclusive access to stream the soundcheck from wherever is best for her—be it comfortably at home or at a club on the way to the venue. 

Before the doors open, she grabs drinks with friends at a nearby rooftop bar. Using the mobile app, she catches the bandmates’ banter during soundcheck and shares the experience with her closest friends.

Beers turn to shots and now they’re late to the show. But that’s no problem! Amanda streams the first few songs on the walk to the venue and doesn’t miss a beat.

Digital events = more inclusive & fully immersive.

It’s now mid-show. Amanda and friends have found their spot in the crowd and are loving every minute of it. They’ve even invited their friends who couldn’t attend physically to their watch party to chat live as the concert unfolds.

Instead of obsessively recording the whole show on her out-of-date iPhone camera, Amanda immerses herself in the moment—knowing she’ll have access to the replay when the concert’s over. She no longer fears obnoxiously blocking others’ view or taking herself from the moment. If she wants, she can even tap into the stream at any moment to get a better view of the band in real time.

As the first set closes, Ben Folds mentions an exclusive merch drop only available tonight. Given the crowd and quickly growing lines, Amanda fears she won’t be able to get in on the action. So on her way to the bathroom, she skips the line altogether and places her order through the Mandolin app to be delivered straight to her door. Can the night get any better?

Waiting for the band to come back on-stage, Amanda jokes with her friends and messages with the rest of the audience in the Mandolin chat. While in the app, she sees the opportunity to submit song requests and vote on the first song of the second act. She votes for her favorite song, Zak and Sara, and crosses her fingers.

When the lights turn on, the unthinkable happens. That intro’s unmistakable! They’re playing her song and screaming along. She doesn’t want the night to end.

Hybrid increases access to artists & VIP experiences.

As the show wraps, the band takes a play from Ruston Kelly’s book and announces the concert doesn’t have to end just yet. They’re doing a bonus set only available on Mandolin which fans can access by upgrading their ticket at any time. Amanda’s already purchased the Premium Hybrid Pack. She thinks, “we’re golden!”

At this point however, it’s been a looong night and her friends want to go home. But instead of having to split up or compromise her plans, Amanda streams the bonus set from the car—and still gets to meet face-to-face with Ben Folds through the virtual Meet & Greet in the Uber ride home.

Take your in-person concert to the next level

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