Jun 15, 2021

Enhanced Livestream: Unlocking your music’s full potential

Post by 
Braden Baldwin

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Locked out fans, clunky merch experiences, and limited ability to customize your show. Any of these issues sound familiar? If you’ve been burned by previous livestream experiences, here’s a care package: Mandolin’s Enhanced Livestream.

When you hybridize your next show (or go fully virtual) with Enhanced Livestream, you make your show yours—offering unmatched digital add-ons, tailoring the look and feel of the platform to fit your vibe, and wowing fans with a superior and seamless livestream.

Sounds nice, right? Here are a few products we think you should know about.

The Mobile App: The Foundation for Hybrid Fan Experiences and New Revenue Streams

The mobile app opens the door to a whole new world of fan experiences—both in-person and virtually at home. No longer are merch sales or VIP experiences limited by capacity or livestream technology. The mobile app takes all your favorite Mandolin features—like watch parties and VIP meet & greets—and amplifies them. Now, merch tables, pre and post-show exclusive sets, VIP meet & greets, and special auctions for NFTs can all be accessed wherever, whenever with Mandolin’s Mobile App.

Virtual VIP Meet and Greet
Virtual VIP Meet and Greet

Want to see how these features can take shape at a true hybrid concert? Check out this blog for inspiration as you build your next hybrid show.

Mandolin Co-Branding

Each venue brings a unique show experience to fans. Why shouldn’t your livestream partner give you the same power to choose? Mandolin’s Co-Branding lets you customize the colors and theme of your entire fan experience to fit your vibe—starting with your ticketing page on mandolin.com and continuing with every touchpoint throughout the mobile and desktop app. Match the theme of your venue, recent album artwork, or brand partner and let them do a full brand takeover. It’s your show!

Geofencing and Integrated Ticketing

Mandolin puts you in full control of who attends your show, and gives those with access a seamless experience. With Mandolin’s Geofencing, you can pick and choose which countries or regions get access to your concerts. Once fans purchase tickets, our ticketing system and integrations with major ticket platforms let buyers access the show without skipping a beat.

Fun fact, did you know 40% of livestream ticket sales happen the day of the event? With fan traffic at its peak just moments before the show, the last thing that should be on your mind is whether or not your fans can log in. Seems pretty basic, right? Yeah, so do we.

Livestream and Rewind: the best live and re-streams around

If you’ve got a concert coming up, whether you sell 100 or 100,000 tickets to the livestream or hybrid show, the stakes are always high. We’ve all seen fan tweets complaining about low quality video or audio, the stream glitching out, or the site crashing entirely. This is never good. And luckily, with Mandolin, it doesn’t have to happen.

Our platform was built to deliver the highest quality video with lossless audio—globally. So if you do bring in over 100k fans, you can breathe easy knowing your stream won’t crash, and each fan will feel like they’re right there with you in the venue.

With Mandolin’s Rewind, fans can tune back in or purchase on demand access to that same unforgettable night whenever they want—and even toggle between camera angles to get a different perspective with the replay. Learn more here.

Take your in-person show to the next level

If you’re ready to amplify your next in-person show with virtual fan experiences, hit us up!to reimagine your next concert with Mandolin Fan Experiences. A member of our Industry Relations team will be more than happy to share best practices and build an experience that works for you.