Sep 16, 2022

Delivering Next-Level Fan Engagement With Mandolin’s Fan Navigator Enrichment

Post by 
Michelle Yoon

Why You Should Be Enriching Your Data If You Aren’t Already

Data enrichment is essential because it helps you learn more about your fans without asking for additional information. Not only do you gain a deeper understanding of each fan, but you can also unlock new opportunities such as personalized messaging, merch offerings, brand partnerships, and more.

For example, through enrichment, you uncover a large audience of parents who have a high propensity to buy kid merch lines and attend performances with programming for their children. So, for your next tour, you pursue sponsorships with children’s brands and include a line of children’s merch.

Enrichment can often seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Enter Mandolin’s Fan Navigator Enrichment–we do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to worry about it! 

What is Mandolin’s Fan Navigator Enrichment

The Fan Navigator Enrichment Add-On adds dimensions to each fan profile, including demographic, psychographic, and behavioral insights that you may not have access to. Third-party data merges with your existing database of first-party fan data, allowing you to fill in the gaps and refine your fan universe. 

Enriched data can give you insight into:  

  • Demographic: age, gender, income, occupation, education, family makeup, home, and vehicle ownership status.
  • Psychographic: lifestyle, social status, hobbies, and affinities.
  • Behavioral: what they’re buying, how they’re buying, cardholder status.   

How It Works

First, you’ll want to reach out to your Mandolin representative to select your Enrichment target:

  • Enrich a single data source, such as ticket buyers, MailChimp data, etc.
  • Enrich up to a cap; for example: enrich up to 50K fans
  • Enrich your full database

Once you’ve selected your target, a Marketing Consultant will compile your enrichment results, including key takeaways and recommendations that map to Fan Navigator Playbook goals.

Fan Navigator Enrichment is an add-on and only available to clients of Fan Navigator Pro and Fan Navigator Premier. Please contact your AE or fill out the form below to get started.