Sep 27, 2022

Convert Audiences into Super Fans with Fan Navigator’s New Fan Score

Post by 
Evelyn Thompson

With fans congregating on more social and streaming platforms than ever before, artists have access to a veritable goldmine of behavioral, advertising and browsing data. But when it comes to acting on that data, many feel lost, even overwhelmed by what to do with it. That’s why we created Fan Navigator—to simplify data, and help you make better decisions, faster.

In just 3 short months, over 100 artists have signed on to de-anonymize their fans and gather a holistic view of their entire fanbase—across all touchpoints, down to the individual—by unifying their fan data in the platform. And today, your understanding of each fan just leveled up thanks to Fan Score—a comprehensive score calculated for each fan in your database that counts you into just how big of a fan each fan is. This unlocks your ability to segment your fanbase by Super Fans, Idle Fans, Potential Fans, and Growing Fans (but more on what those mean later).

How does Mandolin’s Fan Score work?

Once you’ve uploaded or integrated all your fan data into Fan Navigator, Mandolin’s machine learning gets to work, predicting the level of fandom each individual exhibits. It starts with evaluating and ranking fan behavior within your dataset on a variety of criteria. This ranking criteria is a dynamic model that is totally unique to your dataset and the logic is anchored on the principals of the Recency-Frequency-Monetary (RFM) model. 

Simply put, Fan Score evaluates each fan based on three key categories: 

  1. How recently they’ve exhibited an expression of fandom (i.e. engaged on socials, streamed on DSPs, bought merch, etc.)
  2. How frequently they do so 
  3. How much money they've spent on your brand

Using Fan Score to identify a fan’s lifecycle stage

After we assign scores for each category, we roll it all up into a cumulative Fan Score, which dictates how fans are ultimately sorted into Fan Navigator’s Fandom Lifecycle Segments. Scores are refreshed daily, so you’ll always have the latest pulse on how well you’re moving even your most passive fans to superfandom—both today and for years to come.

Fan Life Cycle Stage and Fan Score in Mandolin's Fan Navigator

These actionable segments are the springboard for truly understanding how well you are engaging your fandom. Here’s the breakdown of each segment:

Super Fans

The cream of your crop; these fans spend the most frequently, at the biggest amounts, for the most quantities relative to the rest of your fanbase.

Growing Fans

The majority of your fanbase; these fans have recently exhibited indicators of fandom but have yet to make any significant purchases from your artist, and should be primed for more.

Potential Fans

These fans have exhibited markers of true fandom at some point in the past, i.e. big purchases, but haven’t been seen recently. For the retail heads, think of this like your “at danger of churning” bucket and show them some extra love.

Idle Fans 

These fans are your most mysterious, but still represent a lot of opportunity; they’ve taken the least amount of action relative to the rest of the artist’s fanbase, either because they’re new fans or they haven’t engaged with your brand in awhile. Time to bring them back to the fold!

And just like that, understanding (and segmenting) your fandom by levels of engagement becomes a breeze! 

For more information on how to build your own custom segments with Fan Navigator, check out our write-up on Fan Navigator’s other newest feature, Audience Builder.

Ready to get to know your fandom?

If you’d like to see your data in Fan Navigator and get a taste of the future of artist marketing, sign up for a 30 day free trial of Fan Navigator today or reach out! A member of our Artist Relations team will be happy to jump on a call and discuss your marketing strategy in greater detail.