Mar 8, 2022

Concert replays—your secret weapon to increase in-person revenue and grow your fanbase

Post by 
Braden Baldwin

2022 is the year to make up for lost revenue and consistently re-engage fans in-person. But with the occasional band member sickness or inclement weather, shows get rescheduled. That’s life. 

So, how can you make each show count in 2022?

Well there are many ways (see our ultimate guide to hybrid tour planning). But today, we’re just talking about one simple trick. And it’s what our artist, venue, and festival partners are using to increase revenue per show with marginal effort… 

Offer concert replays to in-person attendees

At Mandolin, we call this “Rewatch”. And if you’re already livestreaming at a venue, it is a zero lift opportunity to bring more value to fans, increase in-person concert revenue, and get data on which superfans are joining you on the road (but we’ll get to that later).

Think about this. Who are the most likely people to want a recording of a live show? 

Those who were actually there! They’re the ones who want to show their friends—tell them “you gotta see them live” and how it was “even better than the album recording.”

How do concert replays increase revenue?

Upon ticket purchase, for $5 dollars (or however much you choose), offer fans the ability to get exclusive access to relive the concert with the additional purchase of the concert replay. You can make this replay available for 48 hours or indefinitely!

This cost is marginal to a fan already willing to shell out $50 to see their favorite artist. And if the venue capacity is even 3,000, that $5 or so extra charge could accumulate to a $15K lift in potential gross at the venue.

Know who your fans are with in-person concert replays

As the live events industry has grown, digital fan data and in-person attendee information have found themselves in silos. It’s time to break them down. It’s time to get a holistic view of your fans, find out who’s coming to your shows and why, and what they like most about the experience.

Selling a concert replay to in-person attendees bridges the gap between real life and the digital world and grows your known universe of loyal fans.

Platforms like Mandolin’s Fan Navigator can then give you a central source of truth to improve fan engagement (whether that’s increasing Spotify streams, selling more merch, or building a stronger email list, you name it). With a 360 degree view of your audience, you’ll be able to personalize your communication, give them more of what they love, and help your business or artists thrive.

Ready to offer in-person replays to your next show?

Adding Rewatch to any tour stop or livestream-equipped venue is simple. Reach out via the form below to get started today. A member of our Industry Relations team will be happy to share best practices and find a solution that works for you. 

However you choose to sell the experience, we’re here to make it easy.