Jul 11, 2022

Freedom to the Artist: Our Artist Bill of Rights

Post by 
Evelyn Thompson

The music industry is at a tipping point: one where the barriers between artists and fans are evaporating—fast. But with your fan's data held tightly in the hands of others, do you really know your superfans?

Today, we've launched products to enable just that—Fan Navigator and Fan Experiences—and we'd like to share the beliefs that drove each suite from the ground up.

Our Artist Bill of Rights

Artists create the soundtrack to our lives. Crafting unique scores for each of our destinies, it's only right that musicians have as much say over their own. 

Amendment 1

We reject closed third-party platforms and partners that withhold fan insights from artists. Those fan metrics would not exist within such platforms without the promise of experiencing a musician's art. Because of this, we believe artists should have fair access to insights stored within those walled garden environments. 

Amendment 2

No third-party shall block artists from the ability to leverage those fan insights outside of their walled gardens. Artist livelihoods depend on meeting fans where they are—both digitally and online—and we firmly believe that portability of the data would help artists scale personal relationships on each fan's preferred channel.

Amendment 3

Because fan data is provided on the basis of artist interaction, only artists can properly utilize and protect fan data. We believe artists should play a critical role in the executive oversight of the storage, segmentation and access to their fandom's information.

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