Mar 8, 2022

Use these 6 concert ideas to engage your fans digitally on tour

Post by 
Braden Baldwin

As we expand upon in our ultimate guide to hybrid tour planning, the industry has a unique opportunity to optimize in-person revenue & engage fans through digital add-ons this tour season.

But with so many ways to add digital to your in-person events, it can be hard to nail down the right programming to engage fans outside the physical range of your shows. 

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of ideas to invite your global fan community into your in-person events in 2022.

Make in-person concerts available for a limited replay

When your fans are loving your set, what do they do? They take out their phone to record all or part of the song to share with friends after the show. 

As you plan to livestream some or all of your upcoming tour stops, don’t let your high quality recordings go to waste! Upsell fans at checkout with exclusive, limited-time access to the replay (check out Rewatch to see how to do this on Mandolin). Doing so not only allows fans to relive the magic and enables them to hype your tour to friends, it seamlessly lifts in-person revenue while collecting in-person fan data for your team’s future use.

This act bridges the gap between in-person fans and your digital fan community—stitching together the identities of fans who show up in-person with your online fans. Armed with that data, you’ll better understand their preferences, their loyalty, and their aptitudes for merch or other experiences in tools like Mandolin Studio and Fan Navigator.

Gather fan data with a pre-tour livestream

Livestreams can be a powerful tool not only to activate your global fanbase, but to learn about your most loyal fans through data. So, why not host a livestream from your favorite studio, venue or couch before loading the tour bus?

When streaming on Mandolin, you’ll get a full rundown of where your fans are, what show moments they love most, and general fan preferences to make better decisions on the road.

Hype your tour with an album release livestream

When your album goes live, use an album release livestream to spend some quality time with your fans—the benefits are multifold. First, you’ll have the time to share what songs mean to you and get fans excited to hear them on the road. 

Beyond that, you’ll more effectively promote your tour to a highly engaged audience—providing direct links to purchase tickets & merch on the watch page.

Host a group Q&A with superfans

Before you hit the road, get your biggest fans together in one place to talk about what songs they’re excited to hear, which tour stops they’ll be attending and bounce ideas off one another to continue to deliver in-person experiences your audience will crave. 

Virtual meet & greet products like VIP: Party can facilitate virtual group hangs of over 2,000 fans—where they can pose questions in the chat and even speak directly with the artist.

Turn soundchecks into global VIP experiences

Whether you’re streaming the concert or not, inviting fans into the soundcheck for an intimate, yet globally shared experience is a great way to keep fans engaged. Either livestream it and give them a few teasers of the set or make it a VIP: Party and ask for their feedback directly. However you engage your fans, they’ll appreciate the quality time spent with their favorite artists.

Livestream exclusive interviews with the artist

Often even more than the music itself, fans care about the artists. They want to hear about their life, their creative inspiration and the stories behind the music. Invite fans in for an exclusive livestreamed interview—pre, during or post-tour. Doing so will increase hype for your tour, festival, or show and make fans want to join in-person at their next opportunity.

Looking for more inspiration? Check out the experiences our partners are creating on Mandolin at the Box Office. From masterclasses to happy hours, there’s something in there for everyone.

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